Urdu English
Aaloo Potato
Atta Wheat flour
Anardana Dried pomogranate seeds
Adrak Ginger
Bhindi Ladyfinger/Okra
Baigan Eggplant
Basin Chick Pea Flour
Bhagar Temper
Bund Gobi Cabbage
Chukundar Beetroot
Channa Chick pea
Dhuniya Coriander
Dal Lentil
Dal Cheeni Cinnamon
Dahi Yogurt
Gajar Carrot
Gobi Cauliflower
Gaihon Wheat
Haldi Turmeric
Hari mirch Green chili
Hari piyaz Spring onion
Imli Tamarind
Illaichi Cardamom
Jaifal Nutmeg
Jaw Barley
Kali mirch Black pepper
Kadoo Pumpkin
Kalonji Onion seed
Kalaiji Liver
Lasun Garlic
Laung Clove
Methi Fenugreek
Matar Peas
Maida White flour
Mooli Radish
Palak Spinach
Piyaz Onion
Podina Mint
Rye Mustard seed
Sabuth Lal Mirch Whole Red Chili
Saunf Aniseed
Shaljam Turnip
Savaiyan Vermicelli
Sujji Semolina
Shimla mirch Bell Peppers/Capsicum
Tez path Bayleaf
Timater Tomato
Torri Zucchini
Zeera Cumin Seeds
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